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Hello, Welcome to "Natures Art Gallery"

When the rain comes and the sun shines the flowers bloom. As the flowers open I am inspired by their freshness and beauty. They are  
communicating such power. Instantly I become at one with them, enjoying their visual fragrance.

I love flowers. But then, I love all natural things that come about through nature's deepest wish. They make us feel human. Nature
penetrates our mind with beauty and simplicity, and in moving us to the power of its organic life.

Bring the great outdoors into your home and on your walls. It will have an amazing effect by calming your mind, inspiring your
thoughts, waking you up, making you feel alive, and uplifting your mind into the spacious and natural world. Clean and simple, art
derived and inspired by nature will inspire love and devotion, following the will and spirit of life itself that is filled with hope. Yes, hope,
just as the shining essence of a flower opens to our delight and inspires us to move forward no matter what.
Roger Adams
[Bright Star Company is registered under the name of Roger Adams under copyright.]

I will present my work in three categories:  1. Sports, 2. Flowers, and 3. Landscapes.    
5- "Botanic Garden" (watercolor)  (Click on to enlarge)  
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